Wants and Needs – Building a Great Customer Experience

For us to build a great customer experience for our customers we must understand what wants and needs their target customers have.

Wants and needs is the understand that just because you need something it doesn’t necessarily mean you want it. More so, this thinking allows you to recognise those things that people want is a desire that people will be willing to pay more for. Whilst if you need something you will always go for the cheapest option.

In this article, I will go over this concept in more detail and explain how you can think about your positioning strategy more effectively.

1. What Are Customer Needs?

Do you know why your customers need your product?

A Customer Need is related to the physical functions in conducting a particular task at its most basic level.

A basic Need for humans to function and survive is eating, breathing and sleeping.

Overall, in more business terms it is an essential tool used to conduct a particular task.

A basic need for travelling is petrol/diesel, whilst a basic need for cutting your hair is scissors.

These activities are usually discovered through market research and getting customer feedback about how the product is used and how effective it is.

2. What are Customer Wants?

Do you know what people want from your business?

A want is a desire a person has that does not have to correlate to what they need.

A classic example can be a want to drive.

However, to drive you need petrol.

People do not want to buy petrol; it smells horrible and is messy when on your clothes.

However, they must buy it so it fulfils their desire of driving their own comfortable car.

3. The Power In The Wants

One you realise what people want with your product, you will be massively influential when your target your communication campaign.

You can tap into their desires and understand how to leverage your business in different ways to build brand loyalty.

Overall, by delivering to what people want, they will have a better experience.


Even though it is what people need to survive. You must always try and positioning your business towards what people want.

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