Frequently Asked Questions

Any website needs to be hosted on servers which are usually provided by third partners and help your website live. This incurs a fee (either monthly or yearly). However, we offer free hosting include in our website kits, so we will manage this all for you.

Yes, it does. We will integrate and connect all your social media channels into your website. Then you don’t miss any chance to increase your sales.

We offer professional emails as an additional value in our website services. Your emails will be ANYTHINGYOUWANT@YOURDOMAINNAME (it will be consistent with your domain name).  We will set all up and show you how to manage your mailboxes, on either laptop or phone to make it convenient for you.

Yes we definitely can.  We have access to great professional and high-quality stock images. So we can help you choose the best photos you are happy with.

We will look to start building your website within 48 hours of purchase. Depending on the requirements we aim to have it built less than 7 working days. 

We will be always here for you. We offer on demand support through the standard business hours through phone and email. 

Your website will be fully GDPR compliant. We will include the privacy policy templates in your website if you are happy with these. Or if you have your own privacy policies, we will update it on the website for you.

We are offering different types of digital and start-up advice that you need support with. They includes (but not limited to) website coaching (content structure, SEO, or any knowledge regarding how to leverage a website), marketing advice (social media, SEO, lead generation, content management, branding) and start-up coaching (business model, business planning, funding sources, company registration, and financial management) and more.  Furthermore, you are able to access FREE online knowledge hub via our articles where you can learn more about different topics in business through the practical and well-written articles and online video tutorials.

The websites are SEO optimised on a site level. However, we do offer additional services for page level optimisations. If you want to know more on how to set up your optimisation you can call us and take advantage of our personal support.

After 12 months, we will ask you if you are happy to continue the website service with us. We will send you an email notification (at least 15 days before your current contract ends) to let you know your contract is about to end. You also have an option to discontinue our service after 12 months.

If you are happy with us and want to continue our service, please just let us know by confirming through email/phone/message.  We will renew your plan for another 12 months.

If you decide to leave us (which we don’t want you to do), you have a chance to copy your content and request backup files of your website from us. Then your website will be removed from the web platform and we no longer host your domain and website.

Still have Inquiries?